Seminar - UC Sociologia do Ambiente 

Energias renováveis em Portugal: aceitação social, Licenciatura em Saúde Ambiental, Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde, Instituto Polítécnico de Lisboa, April 2015

Advanced Seminar PhD in Sociology OpenSoc

O projeto Renergy, ICS Ulisboa, April 2015

Seminar - 26th November 2014

Article about the project in Soziale Technik

Delicado, A. (2014), Not without the public: public engagement with renewable energy in Portugal, Soziale Technik, 1/2014, 8-10 


European Night of Researchers 2013

September 27

ICS participates for the first time in the European Night of Researchers. A group of researchers will be on hand at the National Museum of Natural History and Science to debate with the audience on what Portuguese society will be like in 2020.

Ciência Viva: Science in the holidays

Social attitudes and perceptions on renewable energy
A one week internship, doing sociological research, for 4 secondary school students (19th-2rd3 August 2013).
Renewable energies have been identified as crucial not only for climate change mitigation but also as a solution to the dependence on fossil fuels. In Portugal, this sector registered a very strong development in the last decade. In order to continue this development, it is very important to know the attitudes and perceptions of the public on wind, solar, wave, biomass energy. This internship will provide the young participants the experience of conducting a mini-research project. It will allow them to experience the different stages of sociological research, as well as some of its methods and techniques: looking for bibliography, building hypothesis, designing and application of tools to collect empirical information (statistical data analysis, media analysis, interviews and questionnaire survey). Fieldwork will take place in Lisbon. In the end, the research results will be presented at a small conference in the form of a powerpoint and poster. This research will also serve as a motto to the discussion of some important issues about the scientific work in sociology: questioning common sense, neutrality and objectivity and their limits and contribution to policy formulation.

Seminar "Social acceptance of renewable energies"

Curricular Unit Renewable Energies, Degree in Environmental and Energy Engineering, Faculty of Sciences, 21st May 2013

Energy night

Pavilhão do Conhecimento, 1st June 2012

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